Wolf Lake First Nation (WLFN), or Mahingan Sagaigan, is one of ten communities representing the Algonquin Nation in Canada.  The traditional territory of the Algonquin Nation includes the entire Ottawa River watershed straddling the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario.  WLFN is a member of the Algonquin Nation Secretariat Tribal Council www.algonquinnation.ca.


The community of WLFN is made up of 232 people, living not on reserve lands but traditional lands within the Provinces of Québec and Ontario, where they assert Aboriginal Rights and Title as recognized by the Canadian Constitution. The community is governed by an elected Chief and Council.

Chief Lisa Robinson


Email: lisarobinson@wolflakefirstnation.com; Phone: 819-627-3628 Extension 225

Councillor Sonia Young

Sonia Young is from Temiscaming, Quebec and has held her councillor position for twelve years. Sonia also serves as Wolf Lake’s health coordinator. She has brought in many valuable programs from Health Canada to all members of the band, including: medical transportation, NADAP workers, physical activity and food security programs, as well as services for those with diabetes. Sonia represents a strong voice for the Wolf Lake band, approving particular projects, and making it her goal to help those in her community. She continually strives to offer more opportunities to Wolf Lake members.


Email: soniayoung@wolflakefirstnation.com; Phone: 819-627-3628 Extension 223

Councillor Gerald Robinson

Councilor Gerald Robinson has a rch history on the territory. Born at Hunter's Point Gerald is an Algonquin traditional trapper and outdoorsman who knows most corners and stories around the territory.  He has worked on the tugboats moving log booms up and down the Ottawa River and later at the Tembec mill. Gerald has been a councillor at Wolf Lake since 2003 and is always there to lend a helping hand at community events and meetings.  Gerald plays a vital role in making sure Wolf Lake businesses are operating and looking their best. Gerald lives with his wife Noella on Lake Kipawa.


Email: councillor@wolflakefirstnation.com; Phone: 819-627-3628 Extension 228

Chief Harry St. Denis: Jan. 15, 1957 to Nov. 15, 2018


AFN SCA, December 4, 2018, in Ottawa. a video Honouring Chief Harry St. Denis.

In Memory of Chief Harry St. Denis, a letter written by Albert Dumont.

Condolences to the family and photos of Harry can be sent to forestry@wolflakefirstnation.com

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Chief Harry St. Denis

Like many members, Harry St. Denis was born on the Anishinabeg settlement territory of Hunter’s Point, Quebec. Here, he lived with his family and other band members and attended school until the age of 13.  Afterwards his family and other families moved to Temiscaming, Quebec for regular work opportunities. He graduated from Widdifield Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario and worked for Canada Packers Ltd in Alberta before returning in 1980 to Temiscaming to work at the pulp and paper mill formerly known as Tembec. In 1986, he ran and won the election for chief of Wolf Lake and helped develop WLFN presence in Temiscaming by establishing the band office building. Since 1986, Chief St. Denis continued to worked locally, regionally and nationally in advancing the interests of the community and Algonquin Nation. He was a well known advocate for recognition and protection of Algonquin community Rights and Title on the territory and implementing the principles of the United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Chief St. Denis lived in Kipawa, Quebec and enjoyed visits to Hunter's Point with his family.